Nail Extensions and Natural Overlays


UV Gel
Full set clear Gel £33.00
Full set French £35.00
Full set French £36.00
Natural Overlay Clear Gel £30.00
Natural Overlay French Gel £32.00
Natural Overlay Coloured Gel polish £33.00
Maintenance Clear Gel £20.00
Maintenance French Gel £22.00
Maintenance Coloured Gel polish £23.00
Repair per Nail£2.00


Silk Nails
Full Set of Silk Tips ( Average 1hr 15 mins)£35.00
Silk Natural Overlay (Average 1hr)£32.00
Silk Maintenance (average 45 mins)£18.00
Repair per Nail£2.00
Acrylic Nails
Full Set of Acrylic Tips (Average 1hr 30 mins)£37.00
Acrylic Natural Overlay (Average 1hr)£34.00
Acrylic Maintenance (Average 45 mins)£21.00
Repair per Nail£2.00
Calgel Nails by Lyndsey
Full Set Clear Calgel
(Average 1hr 45 min)
Add a permanent colour or French

Natural Clear Overlay (Average 1hr)
Add a permanent Colour or French

Clear calgel Maintenance
(Average 1hr)
Colour/French Maintenance
(Average 45mins)
Nail Tip Repair£2.50
Permanent white tips can be used with any system
Soak Off
Soak off & File & Polish£13.00
Note! Soak off & re-applying new nails.
This service is only charged to clients whose existing nails were not applied by Moore Than Nails. Additional charge
White Tip Nail Extension
Permanent white tips can be used with any systemPrice depends on system used

All include nail polish of your choice – Selection of colours available.